Get Your Love – Holiday Special (Limited)

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Get Everything You Need to Date Successfully and Find Your Love in 2022. 

    These three workshops work together:

    First, discover EXACTLY who you're looking for with Partner Have-to-Haves...

    Then dive into Ready for Love, to swiftly avoid the pitfalls of dating so you can find your love much faster.

    Then listen to Myth of the Alpha Male to understand what you can count on good men for, and what guy is the right guy for you.


    Ready for Love | DIY Dating workshop is designed primarily for women and can be applied to relationships of any kind. For more information click here.

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    Partner Have-to-Haves | DIY Sorting workshop is designed for anyone looking for any type of romantic relationship(s). For more information click here.

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    Myth of the Alpha Male | 6-part downloadable audio series designed to help you understand men better. For more information click here.