Myth of the Alpha Male

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Getting what you need from men starts with understanding them.  

"Understanding the alpha and beta, what I could count on them for, and what I couldn't count on them for was priceless. I loved the interviews because the two men were both not at all what I expected, and they also reinforced what Wendy said.

I was surprised at how attracted I was to the qualities of the beta because I didn't think I wanted one. But after both interviews (one alpha one beta) I could see they definitely had their own strengths. I'll be hearing these men in my head for quite a while.

Thank you, Wendy, for teaching me about men and how to interact with them to get their best. I'm looking forward to taking what I've learned into my own life."

Kerri G. – Seattle, Washington

This series is designed primarily for women and can be applied to relationships of any kind. For more information click here.